Thursday, October 20, 2011

A driving story

When we first moved to Portland from the Seattle area, it seemed like all drivers could do was honk.  It was seriously annoying.  As I have lived here longer, either I have stopped noticing it or it suddenly came to a stop.  More on the honking in a second.

This past weekend I was talking to someone who also had lived in the Seattle metro area, and he was complaining about the traffic up there, but how at least people knew how to drive.  Here in Portland is not uncommon for only a car or two to make it through a light.  In Seattle, 10 people would have gone!

So back to that honking part.  Today I was at a red light, and the person next to me kept honking at the car in front of them to turn right.  I don’t know if they could see the person crossing at the crosswalk or not, but you could tell they were pissed this other driver was just sitting there.  After a couple more honks, the first car makes the turn.  The car behind doesn’t even bother to stop (the light is still red) and zooms down the road.  The license place on the honker…Washington!

The morale of this story is that people in Washington are dick drivers and are always in a hurry.  Portland peeps should follow their neighbors to the north lead a little and at least have four cars could make it through the light...

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